Jon Rouse wrote:

> he might sing like he's choking on
> gravel, and play guitar like he's wearing mittens tied together with a
> string, but Dylan covers always sound so limpid by comparison with the
> original (Mr Hendrix and Mr Young honourably excepted).  Nice to see the old
> warhorse make 60.
> Never trust anyone over 30, of course...

Oh, Jon.  How you disappoint me though you pledge solidarity.  He sings
wonderfully.  If you want sweet and pure listen to "Copper Kettle" on
_Self-Portrait_ among so many others, though he has so many voices.  Do you
remember (in _Don't look back" I think) him talking about his ability to sing
like Caruso?  Very funny.

I've forgotten.  Is it a good thing to be trusted?