Pat Sloane wrote:

> Well, I think Eliot got the astronomical emphasis right from Dante,
> who tells the time of day by elaborate descriptions of how the stars
> and constellations stood in the sky. I guess it's a literary
> foundation for ending each Cantica with the word "stelle" (stars).  Or
> the travelers weren't wearing their wristwatches.

Still there was no Easter that matched Dante's description.

Anyway, this is supposed to an artistic astronomical OFF TOPIC post.

As reported at

"The Boston Globe is running a cool article about Vincent Van Gogh and
the incredible astronomical accuracy in his depictions of heavenly
objects in the night sky. An astronomy class from Southwest Texas
State University have been able to pinpoint the exact date and time a
recently discovered Van Gogh painting was done - 7pm, June 16, 1890 -
based on the location of the painting's subject and the position of
Venus in the night sky."

They point us to

   Rick Parker