In today's lunch-time prowl for T.S. Eliot on the web I've come across
a site promoting the book "The Digital Hood" by Peter Rondinone.
Rondinone is a white who grew up in the black and Latino neighborhoods
of New York and was a gang member.  He is now a professor of English
at a City University of New York location.  His book is a collection
of stories.

He has four pages in a special section on his web site for "How [&
Why] I Write Like Somebody Else."  Page one goes over his early life.
Page two has a quote by his "boy T.S." in a paragraph on Rondinone's
"langwidge, gangsta rap."  Pages three and four discuss borrowings
from one work for another (mentioning Jorge Luis Borges and Andy

As they warn on TV - Viewer discretion is advised. There is strong
language, violence and adult situations.

The home page is at:

"How [& Why] I Write Like Somebody Else." starts at
and continues to

On his home page is written:
    "The Digital Hood" was selected for the Barnes & Noble
    Great New Summer 1998 series.
and more on that is at

   Rick Parker