Interpreted (although it depends on the implementation). It's a very basic
(duh) language that is complete open source - i.e. no copyrights and you can
fiddle around with it yourself. A friend of mine is working on a version of
it for the PC which completely mimics the Playstation 2 implementation,
which lacks a few commands, but also has a few extra commands, mostly for
graphics, at which, of course, it excels.

Anyway, if you can learn this form of basic, you can learn most forms of
basic. Today's programming challenge however is barely knowing how to
program anymore - what I spend most time on is how to design a program in
all independent modules and components (which requires extensive abstraction
capabilities), how to make as friendly as possible a user-interface, and how
to deal properly with the challinging task of seamlessly blending in with
the Windows envirnment, which includes the preservation of user-settings,
management of rights, decisions on whether to run components on the client
or server or all over the place, etc.



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> Arwin,
>     Is this a compiled or an interpreted language?
> Marcia