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It could be fun to do. The program could be fed data on what specific target
groups like about certain cookies in terms of baking length, temperature,
ingredients, etc. You could determine these parameters based on what kind of
cookies people like. Then you could use these questionaires to predict what
kind of cookies a particular person will like. Then you could add further
parameters determining health factor, calory factor (high please), etc. Then
you could add a "cavalcade of chaos" factor as a boon. :-)

(who says MTV is dumb - I learned "cavalcade" from a "celebrity deathmatch"
episode sponsered by Nike! Duh!)


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> Verzonden: maandag 12 maart 2001 21:59
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> Onderwerp: Re: OFF TOPIC - Map coloring
> > What about programming a computer to write a recipe book, with some
> > assurance that the receipes will be superior to those a human being
> > might develop?  Here, it's a tougher problem, because more is involved
> > than shuffling numbers, which is all computers can do.
> Let us hope that the computer does a better job at this than coming up
> with another variant of Swedish Lemon Angels.
> Regards,
>    Rick Parker