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> Onderwerp: Re: OFF TOPIC - Literary parlor game
> >>Thanks. I've read enough of these philosophers and
> psychologists to last
> >>me
> >>
> >I'm inclined to agree you've had too much behavioral psychology
> to >read,
> >and
> >it's never been too clear what you've read in philosophy.
> That's why >half
> >the books I suggested have to do with cosmology, topology, or particle
> >physics--you don't seem to have done much reading in math,
> logic, or >the
> >hard
> >sciences. FYI, Sartre's No Exit is a play, not "psychology."
> >Anyway, I guess I wasn't the person who should have answered if you
> > >basically
> >want suggestions for pop stuff like Buffy the Vampire Killer.
> >pat
> Not that anyone asked me but... Buffy has grown decidely 'pop'. I never
> really bothered with the first season much, but I've enjoyed the current
> one. Excepting those moments that are oh-so Dawson's Creek. The
> characters
> never used to seem so caught up in this sort of pop-psychology
> introspection, and mis-timed 'big' words.

Riley has a very hard time keeping up with the likes of Angel. Haven't seen
anything in the university Buffy that I liked as much as any of the episodes
before - they're looking for a new direction but haven't completely found it
yet. I only like the new girlfriend of Willow, who's decidedly off in the
way that befits a Buffy character, and there was a fair episode on a kind of
love bug (what I'm saying reveals absolutely nothing about the plot, trust
me). For the rest though, the first season is brilliant and I loved the
other two - at least all the episodes straight upto the university fare I've
seen were fantastic.

> I think most series tend to
> degrade after a few seasons, but it's really a shame. Anyways, it's not
> completely worthless pop. Did you know, Arwin, that the series is
> based on a
> movie by the same name?  I've meant to check it out for a while, I'm not
> sure who's in it.

You'd be very, very surprised, both by who's in it (Donald Sutherland,
Rutger Hauer, that bad boy with the history from Beverly Hills 90210), as by
how incredibly bad it is. It was on the nearly bankrupt European "Fox".
Buffy is a bimbo-type athlete figure, very classic horror fare which seems
almost desperately bent on achieving low-end B-movie status. Only the
fashion interest and teen-alienation aspects of the story have survived in
the actual series. Only you cannot stop watching it straight till the end.
But I've never seen such a tremendous difference before between the quality
of the actual series and the "pilot".

> I've also always loved Star Trek TNG, and Lois & Clark.
> TNT used to run Lois & Clark re-runs, along with Due South
> re-runs, which is
> another great little series.

Ah yes, the brilliant Canadian Mounty meets Chicago dirt-cop! Wonderful,
really great stuff, really really great stuff. I even bought the pilot film
on (now defected) VideoCD. Nice music too by the "Clark Kent, there was a
real gent" guys.

> Only had 4 seasons (only two of them
> aired here
> in the US), about a Mountie who trackes his father's killer to Chicago.
> There's a LOT of lore and literary reference, that makes it a lot cooler
> than most banal series. And of course No Exit is wonderful. I
> found it more
> entertaining than deeply philosophical, but I probably just
> missed the more
> serious points in my appreciation of the irony. His literary
> essays are also
> a LOT more readable than his philosophy. Sartre on Camus, and on Faulkner
> lent a lot of dimension to my understanding of them. Just to get another
> perspective, you know?

If you mean pointless in a general, "absurdisme" kind of way, all right
then. ;-)

Bon soir,

ton Arvin.
(which is how the French pronounce it, sounds like a kind of wine)

> Ok, that's the end of my pointless contribution.
> Brooke ;)
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