>>Thanks. I've read enough of these philosophers and psychologists to last 

>I'm inclined to agree you've had too much behavioral psychology to >read, 
>it's never been too clear what you've read in philosophy.  That's why >half
>the books I suggested have to do with cosmology, topology, or particle
>physics--you don't seem to have done much reading in math, logic, or >the 
>sciences. FYI, Sartre's No Exit is a play, not "psychology."

>Anyway, I guess I wasn't the person who should have answered if you 
> >basically
>want suggestions for pop stuff like Buffy the Vampire Killer.


Not that anyone asked me but... Buffy has grown decidely 'pop'. I never 
really bothered with the first season much, but I've enjoyed the current 
one. Excepting those moments that are oh-so Dawson's Creek. The characters 
never used to seem so caught up in this sort of pop-psychology 
introspection, and mis-timed 'big' words. I think most series tend to 
degrade after a few seasons, but it's really a shame. Anyways, it's not 
completely worthless pop. Did you know, Arwin, that the series is based on a 
movie by the same name?  I've meant to check it out for a while, I'm not 
sure who's in it. I've also always loved Star Trek TNG, and Lois & Clark. 
TNT used to run Lois & Clark re-runs, along with Due South re-runs, which is 
another great little series. Only had 4 seasons (only two of them aired here 
in the US), about a Mountie who trackes his father's killer to Chicago. 
There's a LOT of lore and literary reference, that makes it a lot cooler 
than most banal series. And of course No Exit is wonderful. I found it more 
entertaining than deeply philosophical, but I probably just missed the more 
serious points in my appreciation of the irony. His literary essays are also 
a LOT more readable than his philosophy. Sartre on Camus, and on Faulkner 
lent a lot of dimension to my understanding of them. Just to get another 
perspective, you know?

Ok, that's the end of my pointless contribution.
Brooke ;)
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