>  ... or that the professors (or their spokespersons) will have to
> learn to express the logic of that math in simple language (back to
> them 26 letters and what they can do, etc), as in the complex ideas of
> Plato expressed in the simple language of Socrates. The alternative
> is....well, more postal slam dancing comes to mind..

Well, I actually had a little go at writing a little introductory course to
programming which I wanted to be as clear as possible and which I poised
towards a linguistic approach to programming rather than the more exact
approach you usually get. You can find it at:

>  Enough. My last two posts have not made it to the list. If this one
> gets through, it will only encourage me to post more.
>  Do we map Monday blue?

Do you want to use different colours for every day (7), for every other day
(2), or for every other day of the week but with fixed colours for each day
of the week and each week linearly presented after the other in 7 colums and
five rows (probably 3, but who's got proof that it's not 2 or 4 for any
month for any given date since the year 1 ;-) )

(ta, tadanada ta ta)

>  Cheer,
>  Ken