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> > How do we know the computer had examined "every" case
>    It is the job of the mathematicians is to determine what is mathematically 
> meant by "every case".  

  [snipping, not sniping]
> number of digits in the decimal system is limited to 10. How many numbers can 
> be expressed?

  More than you can shake a stick at, I bet. Whereat ends infinity?

  Pat may be being stubborn, but from where I sit she is right in at 
least one aspect (i.e. maybe more). Mathematics being a subset of 
logic, she is asking for the logic of the professors' assertion. For my
part, I gladly yield to the professors' superior mathematical 
knowledge, but I wouldn't assume that on that score their conclusion is
correct (think of all the professional disagreements in all fields on 
just about everything). 

 However, it does appear either that Pat will have to learn the math 
involved or that the professors (or their spokespersons) will have to 
learn to express the logic of that math in simple language (back to 
them 26 letters and what they can do, etc), as in the complex ideas of 
Plato expressed in the simple language of Socrates. The alternative 
is....well, more postal slam dancing comes to mind..

 Enough. My last two posts have not made it to the list. If this one 
gets through, it will only encourage me to post more.

 Do we map Monday blue?