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>I am at university not fifty miles away from Little Gidding, and
>am thinking of making a visit there sometime in May.  While I realise
>that going to the sites is not an important part of understanding the
>poetry, I still think it might make good "background".  Anyway, I would be
>interested to hear whether other list-members have been to Little Gidding
>(or, out of curiosity, to the other places of Four Quartets).  If so, what
>were their experiences?

I visited Little Gidding a couple of years ago. You need a detailed map
to find it. Discovered the Church, open, interesting and very well-kept
and a Centre in the old farmhouse run by the Little Gidding Trust. The
pigsties mentioned by TSE remain too ! There is a lot of TSE
memorabilia, but if you visit, possibly they will be warmer towards you
if bear in mind the wider aims of the Little Gidding Trust. i.e.,  that
the TSE connection is to them peripheral to their aim of keeping alive
Ferrar's philosophy and works. The house is also a spiritual retreat and
you can rent rooms to stay there. I still have the guidebook so email me
if you need any more info - can't ramble on just now as I have to go to

01832 293383 may still be a current phone number for the Centre -
suppose they may be restricting visitors at the moment because of the
foot and mouth crisis.

(Also once tried when passing through nearby to get a look at Burnt
Norton but this proved much less fruitful.)


David Boyd
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Cumbria, UK