Looks like Arwin has read the web page at least as far as:

   The inevitable subtext of any "confession" parlor game, including this
   one, is the competition to come up with the "confession" that actually
   reflects most flatteringly on the confessor. In the case of the "great
   books I haven't read" game, there are several obvious strategies:

   --The boast-rephrased-as-a-confession: "Although I've made it
   through all his other works, I just can't seem to get much beyond the
   first two-thirds of Joyce's 'Finnegan's Wake' without getting bogged


   Pride and Prejudice Parker

Arwin van Arum wrote:

> Hmmm. Interesting but difficult game ... Somehow I find it much easier to
> remember the books that I did read. ;-) It would also be a book that I
> I'd have to have read, but never got round to - but there was a period in
> life during which I got round to reading everything important. Besides
> I had to work through a great deal of anthology stuff, read through
> Shakespeare's complete works and had most of the Latin stuff during my
> years of Latin in secondary/highschool, and read most of the rest during
> English lit; and then there were the survey courses on all major literary
> periods in the history of English language, so it'd have to be something
> a different language than English I guess