There's Frost's "Two Tramps In Mud Time".


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	I agree throughly.  Sorrowfully my area is moving from the beautiful
	season to the mud.  Do you have a poem singing the praise of mud
that I can
	recite as I navigate 5 miles of muddy road one way?

	Rick Seddon
	McIntosh, NM, USA
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	I know this is considered wierd by anyone who did not grow up in the
	but I love snow and blizzards.  It is stunningly white and
beautiful, and
	we've had none for years like this.  If you have read Rupert Brook's
	about snow, it is like that.  I am not glad about the flooding

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	<< Last week we got seven inches of snow, last night 3/4 of an inch
	rain. Spring comes;  have heart,  those of you in the Northeast.

	Rick Seddon
	McIntosh, NM, USA>>

	Midwinter spring is, indeed, its own season.

	With my soul's sap quivering between melting and freezing,

	Tom K