I'm sure TSE was on a stamp.  Maybe 13 years ago or so (for the 100 year
since his birth thing?).  If I remember it right, my lit prof sent me a
Christmas card with that stamp.


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	I've been away on spring break, so I hope this hasn't already been
	but the Acadamy of American Poets is accepting nominations for poets
	should be honored on a stamp.  Eliot is not on the list, but one can
	him in.  I did today and it said they would "review" the nomination
	posting it.  Perhaps he's been disqualified because of the old 
	American/British arguement.  Odd, I'd only heard people argue one
way or the 
	other because they desired the association.  But who knows, I could
	presuming too much.  Anyone interested in voting (and I think you
	nominate more than one poet) should visit:

	Best of luck, and if all else fails, go Stevens and Williams!


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