> Virgils's deathbed wish was that the Aenid be burned, destroyed at any
> Instead it was published after his death.
> Shades of Emily Hale!

Burned, yes, you're spot on Rick - well done!  I claim crisis circumstances
for my delay in responding - foot & mouth disease is enveloping both the
country and my time at the moment, and I haven't had the opportunity to keep
up with the list.  Augustus, in his wisdom, ordered that the poem be
published rather than burned - perhaps the interesting question is whether
he reached this decision by reading it himself, or getting one of his
courtiers to read it for him, and report back...

However, you made a very good stab at finding the roots of the opening to
the Aeneid, and I think you deserve your share of the glory.  I'm happy to
call it an honourable tie... given the awful previous tie gags...

Steve, I may be the only person in the world ever to say this, but *please*
don't deprive us of 'Mr Apollinax' to the tune of 'Yellow Submarine'!  Go
on, I challenge you! :O)

Back to the crisis - at this rate, I'll speak to you all in about 6 months'