Card 50, First Cause, looks like some painting by Hildegard of Bingham, that
one with the concentric circles.


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		Finally, as I'd noted some time back, Urania is, today at
least, regarded as 
		the relevant muse by some involved in tarot. (I do not know
if that was so 
		in the early '20's, but I would guess it was, since tarot
been popular for 
		a while by then, and people were more likely to attach muses
to things then 
		than they are now, I suspect.)  This makes an obvious
connection to TWL for 

	I think you'll like this article about Urania and the Tarot. 
	I was puzzled by sites (including the above article) that say Urania
is the 
	12th card of the major arcana of the tarot. In the modern packs I
have, 12 is 
	the hanged man. But I guess (see article) 12 as Urania might have
been an 
	older arrangement.