> Mind is fogged this morning,  probably advanced dissociated sensibility
> wasn't Leman or Lehman a Sec of Navy  years ago.

Lehman I think.  I believe it was he and the Commandant of the Marine Corp
who had a race along the Potomac.  The Commandant running along the shore
and the Secretary in a one-man racing shell.  I forgot who won.

> And of course Oscar is the man overboard dummy  a much abused creature who
> normally hides in the bosun locker but is brought out every now and then
> the amusement of Ensigns.  He has drowned more times than not because of
> general incompetence of those  children.

Yep.  When a man goes overboard the ship hauls up the letter "O" (Oscar)
pennet when they look for him.  Thus the name for the dummy.

One Coast Guard officer of my acquantaince, a woman, was known in Officer
Candidate School as Deadeye because of her sharpshooting ability (never
having fired a gun before she listened to instructions.)  When she was on a
training cruise they threw over a barrel with a radar reflector for practice
with the 3 inch gun.  "Who'll go first?" the gunnery officer asked.
"Deadeye!" every said.  Forgeting exactly what to do she asked "What do I
do?"  "Get the gun pointed at it and give the order to fire."  End of
practice, there were no more barrels.  She got a direct hit and sank the
thing with the first shot.  Of course someone like this gets the desk job at

   Rick Parker