Who's the director?  I want to audition for all the women (who are one, of 

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> P.S. - An inside joke for a few listers:  I'm getting ready for the
> movie by
>  preparing to audition for the part of Phlebas.

Rick Parker as Phlebas , hmmmmm. . . 


Here are some other casting choices:

Man who cannot say, or guess, for he knows only a heap of broken images 
George W. Bush

Sweeney -- Bill Clinton 

Mrs. Porter -- Monica Lewinski

Of course, that still leaves (among others): the Hyacinth Girl, Madame
Sosostris, Belladonna, Mr. Eugenides, Tiresias, the person who weeps by
the waters of Leman, the Three Thames daughters, Lil and Albert, the
person who walks on the other side of you, the Fisher King, the Young man
carbuncular, the Typist, Stetson, and Marie, not to mention The Thunder.

Any casting candidates, List?

-- Steve --