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[The digger's slouch hat (but the crown is not shaped here.)]

The Stetson Hat

[A page on the Stetson hat in the "Smokey the Bear" or "Mountie"
style that also mentions the slouch hat.]

At this time period, Canadian military uniform mirrored the dress of
the British Army and it is of interest that the hat represents a
departure from this influence.  Nowhere in the Dress Regulations of
1900 did the British mention the Stetson hat. The only felt hat that
they issued was the Terai hat. This was the famous slouch hat with
puggaree cloth around the crown and side turned up, which over time
has been identified with the Australians. To understand the Canadian
attachment to the Stetson, one has to look at the role played by the
North West Mounted Police

The Australian Penny Slouch Hat!

[Has pictures and some additional text other than that quoted below]

The Australian Slouch Hat has a long and proud tradition

Colonel Tom Price designed the original hat in 1885 for use by the
Victorian Mounted Rifles.  A graduate of Royal Military College in the
U.K., Colonel Price had returned to his birth place of Australia after
extensive service in India where a similar bush hat, the Terai hat,
had been worn by hunters and later adopted by the British Army.  It
was originally worn with the right side turned up to enable a soldier
to shoulder the cumbersome rifles of the day, This also allowed him to
look the inspecting officer in the eyes.  In 1890 when the hat was
officially accepted, there was an unanimous agreement that a looped up
hat of universal pattern be worn by all diggers.  By this time it was
looped up on the left side.

National Park Service Uniforms
Badges and Insignia 1894-1991 Number 1

[The U.S. Park Service uses "Smokey the Bear" hats.]

While technically not an insignia, the ranger hat has become
synonymous with the ranger service. Even similar police hats are
called "Smokey the Bear" hats.  Speaking of Smokey, it is ironic that
the symbol of the Forest Service should be wearing a Park Service
ranger hat. It would appear that this "Stetson" style of felt hat
evolved from Stetson's first "Boss of the Plains,"


[History of the Stetson company.]

I Can Tell by Your Outfit That You Are a Cowboy
A Cowboy's Hat by Dakota Livesay

[The Stetson as cowboy hat.]

Boss Of The Plains

[Another Stetson as cowboy hat page.]

Akubra Hats

Akubra Hats from Hatsdirect