> This [crucifix painting] is very famous and I didn't realize he'd done
> others...and must have missed what this has to do with Eliot.

Blame the Dali off topic posts on Tom K.  From a post on Friday,
October 13, 2000 with the subject of "Re: Fascism and Myth (Quasi-topical)"

    As the fascist/myth angle was introduced through Eliot's essay on the
    role of myth in what was, for him, the world to come, I consider it
    sufficiently topical to pursue a little further.  I've found the
    commentary on my own observations here challenging, but I've not very
    much to add at this point.  I do have a bit of a quotation from a
    November 1997 article in "Culture Wars" magazine, which includes an
    apposite quote from Dali.  Thought I'd throw a snippet out there and
    see if it fertilizes the soil . . .

Fertilize, salt, whatever.

   Rick Parker