Pat Sloane wrote:

> Also, the question of why the Australians would be singled out when
> they were a relatively small part of the multinational force. What
> does Childs say?

The troops just might have been ready to ship out for battle or home.
The same might have been done for U.S., Canadian and colonial troops
(the Canadians also suffered extremely high casulties as I remember.)
Since Childs' paper was only about the ANZACs we don't know from him
about the other nationalities.

Anyway, the honors paid off when WW-II broke out and the Kiwis and
Aussies came to the aid of the British once again.  I remember being
stopped in Orange, NSW by a WW-II vet (remember me writing about my
hat?)  When he found out I was a Yank he blessed the U.S. for two
things.  One was that the U.S. protected Australia from invasion while
many of its troops were half a world away fighting in Europe and North
Africa.  The other thank you was for Bing Crosby.

   Rick Parker