Pat Sloane wrote:

> Where are you getting Australian troops marching through London?

Rick Parker wrote:
>  Donald Childs, "Stetson in The Waste Land," Essays in Criticism," April,
>  1988.

Steve Pollack wrote:

> Childs quotes stories from the London newspapers of the time about the
> parades that were held in London in April, 1916 to honor the Anzacs
> (who had landed at Gallipoli in April of the year before).

Thanks for doing my typing Steve.  I was rather terse.  I got swamped
this morning with e-mail of all kinds: list, off list, friends and web
site.  I haven't gotten back to all yet.

The ANZACs were at Gallipoli for less than a year.  There was still
almost 3 years of war in front of them (1916-18) and they were
redeployed.  This page tells their history:

Note the casulty figures at the end.  They were very high for the
number of men deployed.  They were also very high for the small
populations of New Zealand and Australia at the time.

As for the parades you don't have to take Childs' word for it or even
the newspapers.  Go to this site to order a film.

They even have a page listing WW-I parades:

One of a couple ANZAC examples:

    Military; royalty. ANZAC parade; Prince of Wales attends. DS
    parade of Australian soldiers going down street; to rt. Closer
    shot soldiers; with rifles; bayonets; going past in front
    of/below platform with Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII
    briefly). With the Prince; Australian Prime Minister William
    Hughes; and several generals; etc. After parade(?) DS masses of
    ANZACs swarming round the platform; pan over. Prince
    of Wales; on horseback at rt. watches New Zealanders (?) march.
    Closer shot of soldiers marching; toward camera & past to rt.
    Prince on horse watching troops. Prince on horse; with man in top
    hat speaking to him; officers standing around. Group of military
    bigwigs -- both Army & Navy - walking toward camera. Prince and 4
    other Army officers rides past; in large open square. Prince
    rides toward camera; along row of troops. The other 4 officers
    review troops with him. (A bit more of this is on the same tape;
    at -- dupe neg- Prince of Wales reviews troops; is
    cheered by men; who wave their hats.)

   Rick Parker