You are right, my spelling again, Resistol is the hat of choice for the
"cattleman" style.   I prefer Stetsons for some reason that I've never been
able to think of.

I use an elastic rubber band to dock the sheep.  I've stopped castrating
because it doesn't seem to make any difference in yield wt in a lamb.  When
I did,  I used the same elastic rubber bands,  I use a paint brand when I
move the sheep or put them to graze with some other flock.  They are all ear
tagged for my records.  Marilyn, my wife's sheep brand is MS.  Fittingly I
use pink paint.  My wife does not see the humour.  At the New Mexico State
Fair in the brand room it always gets stolen.  I've told her to put a rocker
under it and she could call it the grandma brand.  She has shown absolutely
no sense of humour concerning this logical suggestion.  New Mexico state law
requires that all stock be branded.  Horses can be described and registed
with the state and if the description through markings is singular enough
you don't have to brand.  Lip or ear tattoos are acceptable for show stock
I believe.   I think calving has been over for about a month here.  Lambing
has been.

A person around here would refer to his/her  Resistol as "my hat".  You are
right "stetson" is a brand name like Justin boots.  It is not a style any
more than Justin is a style.  Now "roper" is a style of boots and a person
may refer to his/her ropers.

Back in college I had a limited experience on cattle ranches and  never met
a bull with an identity problem but then they weren't branded COW.   In the
fall my ram has no identity problem at all.  He glories in his identity and
if he glories much more with me he's going to be mutton.  A shepherd in the
state got killed by a ram last year.  I've been knocked around pretty bad.
A 250 pound ram can hurt and they are sneaky as hell.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA

Rick Seddon
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Date: Monday, March 26, 2001 5:25 PM
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>I'm genuinely curious here, not trying to correct you, but is the local hat
>of choice called a Resistol?  I've not heard of Resinol before and thought
>it was interesting if cowboy hats could be so unheard of in one region and
>the first choice in others.
>My folks report that the first calves are on the ground, but that the
>weather isn't cooperating, still dipping below zero during the day, and
>often at night.  Are you done lambing?  Oh, do you guys dock your sheep
>there?  With bands or with hot irons?  I still know a few folks who
>with their teeth from time to time.  Every year on the Big Dry I know a few
>folks who hold big lamb-fry feeds, but I'm not so fond of that.  Do you use
>the paint brands on your sheep?  I'm always amazed at how the techniques
>vary even in a few hundred miles.  Nobody in Kansas I ever worked for
>branded their calves, but I don't know anyone in MT who doesn't.  And KS is
>starting to suffer a great number of stolen cows these days, too.    Here
>SD, ranchers in the west brand but here in the east most don't.  My folks'
>brand is an acronym of their names "Clayton Or Wilma."  We often joke that
>the bulls suffer from identity issues.