I'm genuinely curious here, not trying to correct you, but is the local hat
of choice called a Resistol?  I've not heard of Resinol before and thought
it was interesting if cowboy hats could be so unheard of in one region and
the first choice in others.

My folks report that the first calves are on the ground, but that the
weather isn't cooperating, still dipping below zero during the day, and
often at night.  Are you done lambing?  Oh, do you guys dock your sheep down
there?  With bands or with hot irons?  I still know a few folks who castrate
with their teeth from time to time.  Every year on the Big Dry I know a few
folks who hold big lamb-fry feeds, but I'm not so fond of that.  Do you use
the paint brands on your sheep?  I'm always amazed at how the techniques
vary even in a few hundred miles.  Nobody in Kansas I ever worked for
branded their calves, but I don't know anyone in MT who doesn't.  And KS is
starting to suffer a great number of stolen cows these days, too.    Here in
SD, ranchers in the west brand but here in the east most don't.  My folks'
brand is an acronym of their names "Clayton Or Wilma."  We often joke that
the bulls suffer from identity issues.


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> Justin
> I agree absolutely.  I wear a Stetson with my Levis but most cattlepeople
> round here wear Resinol(sp) with their Wranglers.  And they would refer to
> it as "my hat".  Stetson makes all styles including a "Cattleman" but they
> also make everyday hamburgs (I think thats the style).  Resinol doesn't
> anything but "Cattleman" style as far as I know.  If one were to go out to
> buy a "cowboy"  hat in New Mexico he/she would probably end up with a
> or black Resinol.  I have never heard someone refer to their hat as a
> "Stetson".   That doesn't mean TSE didn't have it wrong but I think it is
> pushing it to refer to an Australian hat as a Stetson.  By the way my very
> favorite hat (which I never wear) is an official, for sure, Royal Canadian
> Mounted Police hat.  It is made by John B Stetson of Canada.  Traded an
> almost  new  U.S. Navy Commander hat,  off my head, for it, off a Mounty's
> head, at a formal dinner party in St. John's Newfoundland  that the
> were holding.  I also got his suspenders to boot.  I think I got much the
> better deal.  Sort of humerous to remember that Mounty walking around with
> Commander's hat on crowing about his trophy but having to hold up his
> trousers  while he was doing it.
> Rick Seddon
> McIntosh, NM, USA
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> Subject: Re: More on Stetson post
> >Growing up in Montana, I don't recall the term "Stetson" being used to
> >describe a style.  It was, and still is, used to describe a brand.
> >in the larger culture, stetson = cowboy hat, and admittedly, this is a
> >common brand, but the brand name is still important to the locals, much
> like
> >Wrangler jeans are part of the uniform.  Sometimes I've heard other hats
> >referred to as Stetsons, but only ironically, much in the same way as one
> >might say, "Have Mack bring the Caddy 'round front," when one actually
> >drives a run-down pickup.
> >
> >Justin
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> >> Steve sent a lot of detail in his "Stetson in the Waste Land" post and
> >> wanted to add a few more and make a few corrections too.  I decided
> >> I would do that in a seperate post from my real reply and this is it.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> The battle of Gallipoli we usually think about took place on the
> >> pennisula to the north of the Dardenelles but the campaign also took
> >> place to the south.  It was there that the French landed.
> >>
> >> One reason the battle was so difficult was because the first invasion
> >> was called off and the ships headed back to Egypt to pick up the
> >> ammunition that was needed!  This gave the Turkish army more warning.
> >>
> >> The Verdenal dedication to Prufrock was simpler at first, originally
> >> it was just "To Jean Verdenal, 1889-1915" (he was actually born 1890).
> >> Later editions had the information about the Dardenelles.  For more
> >> detail than most care about on the dedication see
> >>
> >>
> >> On the diggers - this was an older Australian term for miners.  The
> >> story is that the name got re-applied to the WWI soldiers because of
> >> all the digging they did (trenches.)  I have a vague recollection
> >> of reading that the soldiers were called diggers before WWI though.
> >>
> >> On the "Mrs Porter" ballad I have more at
> >>
> >>
> >> You are just a bit off on the hats Steve.  Both Stetson and Akubra are
> >> brand names.  While Stetson has come to signify a certain style of hat
> >> (the cowboy hat) I don't think that Akubra has.  The picture that you
> >> sent is more of the style that we call the Stetson but it is not the
> >> style worn by the diggers.  That one looks like the classic safari hat
> >> of the movies with one side of the brim turned up (left side, so when
> >> the soldiers marched carrying their rifles left shoulder arms they
> >> not knock their hats off.) I picked up two of these hats when
> >> vagabonding down under ages ago; they were made by two different
> >> companies, neither was Akubra.
> >>
> >> I may send some hat links in a future post.  I've got a few good hats
> >> Rick S. has at least one great one.
> >>
> >> Regards,
> >>    Rick Parker
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >