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<< Steve,  
Maybe we need to review Pound's "Uranian muse"poem again. Urania was the muse   
of astronomy . . . it makes sense to invoke the Uranian muse, who in a sense might be regarded as Dante's muse.   
In Purg. 29.41-42, Dante asks Urania to help him write his poem.  
"Urania should help me with her choir  
To put in verse things difficult to ponder.">>

I was unaware that Dante had invoked Urania; it is especially interesting that he did so in Purgatorio, if one believes that TWL is purgatorial.  Also, the basic architecture of the Commedia is astrological, making her a logical muse for the entire work.

Finally, as I'd noted some time back, Urania is, today at least, regarded as the relevant muse by some involved in tarot. (I do not know if that was so in the early '20's, but I would guess it was, since tarot been popular for a while by then, and people were more likely to attach muses to things then than they are now, I suspect.)  This makes an obvious connection to TWL for Urania.

None of which would mean Pound wasn't playing off both meanings, of course.

Tom K

As I'd mentioned