Steve Pollack wrote:

> In a non-sanitized version, the word "feet" is replaced by the word ...

Or perhaps better put is that the sanitized version uses "feet."
Kenneth Asher on page 44 of his "T.S. Eliot and Ideology" supplied the
risque version of the lyrics to Red Wing likely to have been actually

Peter Dillane wrote:

> If you are interested I can scan a photo of Australian troops on the
> way to Gallipoli with only one of about thirty men in a slouch hat
> with the brim turned up. The rest in peaked caps, and some in helmets,
> etc.

TWL's Stetson was seen in London.  Eliot would have seen the ANZAC
troops in London either on leave or in parades.  They would have been
wearing the dress uniform then and I believe that would include the
slouch hat.

BTW - I'm a bit miffed that the more important post that I sent to the
list this morning appears not to have made it.  I haven't gotten it
sent back from TSE in any case.

   Rick Parker