Dear Steve,

Please add me to those begging for the lyrics to "Mr. Appolinax" to the 
tune of "The Yellow Submarine."  I confess I was ashamed to admit my 
interest as it might seem frivolous, but I am going to read more popular 
cultural studies and learn better.

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> Steve, I may be the only person in the world
> ever to say this, but *please* don't deprive us
> of 'Mr Apollinax' to the tune of 'Yellow Submarine'!
>  Go on, I challenge you! :O)

   The only person in the world ever to say that? Are you kidding?? I'm
CONSTANTLY getting requests for 'Mr Apollinax' to the tune of 'Yellow
Submarine'. In fact, just the other day Rick Seddon sent me an off-list
post BEGGING for a copy (he would never admit this on-list, of course). 

   As I told Rick, he'll just have to wait until I publish my upcoming
masterpiece, "Eliot Meets the Beatles", which will include "The Apollinax
Submarine Rag". But here's an advanced look at the table of contents:

Chapter 1
  Eliot goes to England: Ticket to Ride
Chapter 2 
  Enter Ezra Pound: With a little help from my friends
Chapter 3
  Jean Verdenal: Everybody's got something to hide
                  except for me and my monkey
Chapter 4
  Marriage to Vivien: Your mother should know  
Chapter 5
  Eliot the banker: A Hard Day's Night
Chapter 6
  Recuperation at Margate: Help!
Chapter 7
  What the Thunder Said: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
Chapter 8
  Rock and no water: The Long and Winding Road
Chapter 9
  What Dante means to me: Magical Mystery Tour

-- Steve --