Hi Beth, and all (coming again :-)

	I think the bird is a mediator, a 'medium'. The element wich
introduces us in the other world, that of timeless. Memory  has it's own
rules: maybe those rules activates the medium, a not very well known fuction
in our mind. In this sense, we could conceive the 'bird' as an extension of
the 'garden'. Also, as a similar function to that of poetry, wich operates
from apparently arbitrary elements, the author's particular garden, growing
like a movement into timeless, into creation.

	The bird as the Holy Spirit... umh, I think it's going far away...


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> Hi all,
> First I'd like to say that I have really enjoyed
> reading the subject matter and discussions posted. But
> I have one question: why is there little discussion
> concerning the 4Q? In my opinion (and it is only my
> opinion), Eliot's 4Qs are his best works, with the
> Hollow Men following close behind.  I find that I can
> spend hours reading, re-reading and thinking about the
> timeless questions posed in these poems.
> I only raise this because I am about to commence a
> thesis on BN, and have been thinking about the
> function of the bird: does the bird function as a
> protagonist, or a mediator between worlds, the Holy
> Spirit (as I have read from one commentator, I can't
> remember which one but it was published in the late
> 60s), inspiration either in the poem or in the poet's
> mind, or merely an extension of the garden.
> I would be really interested to hear comments from the
> rest of the list.
> Thanks,
> Beth
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