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SERIES-L  July 2012

SERIES-L July 2012


New series (5-2-12 to 7-18-12)


Bryan Baldus <[log in to unmask]>


Bibliographic Series Action Forum <[log in to unmask]>


Wed, 18 Jul 2012 12:36:07 -0500





text/plain (312 lines)

AFM reported to LC 7-11-12:
AFM: Please delete SAR no2009178081 (Novela historica (Villegas Editores)). This appears to be the same series as SAR n 2004029743 (Villegas novela histórica)

I've recently established the following series (mostly 7-17 to 7-18, with a couple in May):

130 Blazers.$pTop 10 unexplained                [SAR no2012061455]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

130 Hal Leonard ukulele method          [SAR no2012061475]
430 Ukulele method
Milwaukee, WI$bHal Leonard Corp.

100 Hoover, P.J.$q(Patricia J.),$d1970-$tForgotten worlds               [SAR no2012084111]
643 Austin, Tex.$bChildren's Brains are Yummy Books

130 QuickCook           [SAR no2012089520]
643 London, U.K.$bHamlyn

100 Finnish, V. K.$tDiscoveries of Arthur Grey          [SAR no2012093121]
643 Green Mountain Falls, Colo.$bPanama Hat Pub.

130 Explore Texas!              [SAR no2012095797]
643 Waco, Tex.$bTSTC Pub.

130 Classic collection (QEB Publishing)         [SAR no2012095800]
643 Irvine, CA$bQEB Pub.

130 Carly's Angels              [SAR no2012095801]
643 Mankato, Minn.$bStone Arch Books

130 Britannica guide to predators and prey              [SAR no2012095803]
643 New York, NY$bBritannica Educational Pub. in association with Rosen Educational Services

130 Ceramic studio              [SAR no2012095812]
643 New York, NY$bLark Crafts

130 America's national parks collection         [SAR no2012095814]
643 Chicago, IL$bQuestar

130 I am a lovable me!          [SAR no2012095817]
643 Scottsdale, Ariz.$b2 Imagine

130 I am a lovable me!          [SAR no2012095817]
643 Scottsdale, Ariz.$b2 Imagine
[Looking at it now, I wonder whether this should be author-title rather than title]

130 To the limit (PowerKids Press)              [SAR no2012095824]
643 New York, NY$bPowerKids Press

130 Transportation and society (Britannica Educational Publishing)              [SAR no2012095826]
643 New York, NY$bBritannica Educational Pub. in association with Rosen Educational Services

130 Watkins masters of wisdom           [SAR no2012095830]
643 London, U.K.$bWatkins Pub.

100 Gallagher, Diana G.$tClaudia & Monica, freshman girls               [SAR no2012095843]
643 North Mankato, MN$bStone Arch Books

130 Adams, Jennifer,$d1970-$tBabyLit.$pLittle Master Shakespeare                [SAR no2012095849]
643 Layton, Utah$bGibbs Smith

100 Pavanello, Roberto,$d1958-$tEcho and the Bat Pack           [SAR no2012095856]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bStone Arch Books

130 Transformers classified             [SAR no2012095860]
643 New York$bLittle, Brown and Co.

100 McClintock, Norah.$tRobyn Hunter mystery            [SAR no2012095864]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bDarby Creek

130 Martial arts sports zone            [SAR no2012095871]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bLerner Publications Co.

130 Smithsonian (Capstone Press)                [SAR no2012095874]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

100 Neel, Julien.$tLou!         [SAR no2012095893]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bGraphic Universe

130 Money sense (Smart Apple Media)             [SAR no2012095907]
643 Mankato, MN$bSmart Apple Media

130 Gardening experts           [SAR no2012095918]
643 London, [U.K.]$bExpert Books

130 Map smart           [SAR no2012095926]
643 Mankato, MN$bSmart Apple Media

130 Design library (Tunbridge Wells, England)           [SAR no2012095941]
643 Tunbridge Wells, Kent$bSearch Press

100 Nelson, Maria.$tFamous lives                [SAR no2012095950]
643 New York, NY$bGareth Stevens

130 Celeb (Sea to Sea Publications)             [SAR no2012095951]
643 Mankato, Minn.$bSea-to-Sea

130 Chronicles of a chronicle writer            [SAR no2012095954]
643 Pacifica, CA$bCreatures at Large Press

130 Essential guide (Heliconia Press)           [SAR no2012095961]
643 Beachburg, Ont.$bHeliconia Press

130 50 plus one (Hawkhurst, England)            [SAR no2012095963]
643 Hawkhurst, Cranbrook, Kent, [England]$bEric Dobby Pub.

130 Focus on series (Pixiq (Firm))              [SAR no2012095967]
643 New York$bPixiq

130 Best of O, the Oprah magazine series                [SAR no2012095968]
643 New York, NY$bOxmoor House

130 Cuentos bilingües           [SAR no2012095973]
643 Madrid, [Spain]$bSusaeta

130 Documenting America         [SAR no2012095975]
643 New York$bBritannica Educational Pub. in association with Rosen Educational Services

130 Checkerboard how-to library.$pCool garden to table          [SAR no2012096039]
643 Minneapolis, Minn.$bABDO Pub. Co.

100 Frost, Heather$q(Heather Marlene),$d1989-$tSeers trilogy            [SAR no2012096042]
643 Springville, Utah$bSweetwater Books

100 Wheeler, Jill C.,$d1964-$tCats.$nSet VI             [SAR no2012096045]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bABDO Pub. Co.

130 Grow your own               [SAR no2012096049]
643 Mankato, Minn.$bSea-to-Sea Publications

100 Petersen, Katia.$tSafe & caring schools             [SAR no2012096051]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bFree Spirit Pub.

130 Two little libros           [SAR no2012096052]
643 [Madrid, Spain]$bBilingual Readers

130 World's smartest animals            [SAR no2012096055]
643 New York, NY$bWindmill Books

130 Tic tac             [SAR no2012096059]
643 Madrid, España$bMacmillan Infantil y Juvenil

130 Breves reencuentros         [SAR no2012096060]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bNavona

130 Reencuentros (Barcelona, Spain)             [SAR no2012096064]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bNavona

130 Just-so graphic novels              [SAR no2012096065]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bStone Arch Books

130 First graphics.$pWild Earth         [SAR no2012096067]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

100 Berk, Sheryl.$tPeace, love and cupcakes             [SAR no2012096168]
643 Naperville, Ill.$bSourcebooks Jabberwocky

130 USA today teen wise guides          [SAR no2012096172]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bTwenty-First Century Books

130 I want to know about (Mankato, Minn.)               [SAR no2012096177]
643 Mankato, MN$bNew Forest Press

130 Sports & recreation series          [SAR no2012096180]
643 San Francisco, CA$bDistributed by Cerebellum Corporation

130 Conservation adventurers            [SAR no2012096182]
643 Golden, Colo.$bFulcrum Pub.

130 Native American tribes              [SAR no2012096183]
643 New York$bBritannica Educational Pub. in association with Rosen Educational Services

130 Toys and forces             [SAR no2012096186]
643 Mankato, Minn.$bSmart Apple Media

130 Sci-hi (Raintree (Firm))            [SAR no2012096189]
643 Chicago, Ill.$bRaintree

130 Favorite places             [SAR no2012096191]
643 Mankato, MN$bNew Forest Press

130 Wonder readers.$pScience            [SAR no2012096194]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

130 Wonder readers.$pSocial studies             [SAR no2012096197]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

130 Bioritmos           [SAR no2012096199]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bGlobal Rhythm

130 Poliritmos          [SAR no2012096204]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bGlobal Rhythm

130 Handy boater                [SAR no2012096205]
643 East Petersburg, PA$bSkills Institute Press$bDistributed by Fox Chapel Pub.

130 Empresa (Plataforma Editorial)              [SAR no2012096209]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bPlataforma Editorial

130 Actual (Plataforma Editorial)               [SAR no2012096214]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bPlataforma Editorial

130 Humor (RobinBook (Firm))            [SAR no2012096278]
643 Teià, Barcelona, [Spain]$bRobin Book

130 Biblioteca ilustrada (Blume Ediciones (Barcelona, Spain))           [SAR no2012096280]
643 Barcelona, [Spain]$bBlume

130 Walt Disney's Donald Duck (Fantagraphics Books)             [SAR no2012096286]
643 Seattle, WA$bFantagraphics Books

130 Résistance (Histoire & Collections)         [SAR no2012096288]
643 Paris, France$bHistoire & Collections

100 Costain, Meredith.$tYear in girl hell               [SAR no2012096290]
643 Richmond, Vic., Australia$bHardie Grant Egmont

130 Graphic Dickens             [SAR no2012096293]
643 London, [England]$bEvans Brothers

100 Hale, Nick.$tStriker                [SAR no2012096300]
643 London, Great Britain$bEgmont

130 Go wild with--              [SAR no2012096301]
643 London, U.K.$bPavilion Children's Books

130 Busy books (Campbell Books)         [SAR no2012096304]
643 London, [England]$bCampbell Books

100 Lawrence, Michael,$d1943 Sept. 14-$tJiggy's genes story             [SAR no2012096309]
643 London, U.K.$bOrchard Books

100 Matott, Justin.$tGabriel Peters             [SAR no2012096310]
643 Littleton, CO$bSkoob Books

130 Fresh fables                [SAR no2012096313]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bRising Star Studios

130 Gliding professional series         [SAR no2012096315]
643 [Santa Cruz, Calif.]$bFitFlix Productions

130 Fast facts (Sea to Sea Publications)                [SAR no2012096318]
643 Mankato, Minn.$bSea-to-Sea Publications

130 Clouds close-up             [SAR no2012096322]
643 New York, N.Y.$bCrabtree Pub. Co.

130 Musical instruments (ABDO Publishing Company)               [SAR no2012096323]
643 Minneapolis, Minn.$bABDO Pub. Co.

100 Skog, Jason.$tPhotography for teens         [SAR no2012096326]
643 North Mankato, MN$bCompass Point Books

130 Steampunk (Running Press)           [SAR no2012096329]
643 Philadelphia, PA$bRP Classics

100 Levy, Janice.$tFlip-Flop adventure!         [SAR no2012096337]
643 Edina, Minn.$bMagic Wagon

130 Tuttle essential language series            [SAR no2012096342]
643 Tokyo, Japan$aRutland, Vt.$bTuttle Pub.

100 Ruo, Mei.$tBeginner's guide to Chinese painting             [SAR no2012096344]
643 New York, NY$bBetter Link Press

100 Hamilton, John,$d1959-$tMilitary ships              [SAR no2012096347]
643 Minneapolis, MN$bABDO Pub. Co.

130 Make your movie             [SAR no2012096552]
643 North Mankato, Minn.$bCapstone Press

130 Pantéon portátil de Impedimenta             [SAR no2012096555]
643 Madrid, [Spain]$bImpedimenta

130 Little books series (American Bar Association)              [SAR no2012096560]
643 Chicago, Ill.$bAmerican Bar Association

130 Hal Leonard pro vocal (Unnumbered)          [SAR no2012096570]
643 Milwaukee, WI$bHal Leonard
667 This series is intended to be used for unnumbered volumes for which one of the other Hal Leonard pro vocal headings does not apply

130 Rick Steves' guidebook series.$pCity, regional and country guides           [SAR no2012096574]
643 Berkeley, CA$bAvalon Travel

130 Tadpoles tales              [SAR no2012096577]
643 New York, NY$bCrabtree Pub.

130 Menasha Ridge Press paddling guides         [SAR no2012096581]
643 Birmingham, AL$bMenasha Ridge Press

130 Disney princess (Publications International, Ltd.)          [SAR no2012096582]
643 Lincolnwood, IL$bPublications International
[Though I'm not sure whether this should have been a series or phrase]

130 Kathy Smith's timeless collection           [SAR no2012096583]
643 Hackensack, NJ$bBayView Fitness

Thank you for your time,

Bryan Baldus
Quality Books Inc.
The Best of America's Independent Presses
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